Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mend & Make Do To Save Buying New

We have added oodles of 1940s sewing ephemera to the Sewing Room Shelves.  Post War and Wartime rations and scarcity of materials, brought out the resourcefulness and necessity was certainly the mother of invention.
With Make Do & Mend tips for turning trousers into skirts, patching worn items, sewing hankies into cushions, scraps for bags, how to crochet jewellery and many many thrifty gift ideas, the projects and advice seem as useful today as they were then.
Whilst many of the projects , eg embroidering covers for ration books, are thankfully no longer relevant, they are still fascinating and collectiable, offering a rare insight into the Make Do & Mend ethos of the time.
There's still no denying that there is nothing more satisfying than delving into your bag of scraps and transforming that nothing into something.

(We also have lots more magazines in the Stockroom which have not yet been added, please contact us if there is a particular edition you are seeking.)

Friday, 4 May 2012

May Blossom

Our May bouquet - a selection of new goodies on our shelves.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


We can but dream and keep our fingers crossed that the view from the window will change from one of grey skies and rainclouds to sunshine, barefeet, blue skies and fun. (Poster is one of a selection we have over in The Emporium)