Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Of Bunnies & Butterflies, Baa lambs & Bees

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter and were able to enjoy some of this marvellous Spring weather. It has been good to leave the stockroom and custard creams behind for a few days and don our wellies and summer frocks and head for the hills for a spot of walking, talking, animal spotting and chocolate scoffing.

It certainly has been "Famous Five" kind of weather hasn't it? Long days spent outdoors with the promise of Aunt Fanny's famous fruitcake to welcome you home at tea time! The odd glass or two of ginger beer to keep us going and mercifully not a glimpse of Uncle Quentin to spoil the day...

When we returned to the Emporium it struck us that many of our treasures reflected the kind of halcyon days that we have been enjoying.

Butterflies and bees fluttering from flower to flower.

Lambs gambolling in the fields

Children playing in the farmyard

And, wherever you look, bunnies appearing from nowhere!

Long may it continue...

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dottie's Dwelling

It has been rumoured that Dottie lives in a dolls house.. though not strictly true.. she does live in a house with a family of assorted dolls and moth eaten teddies and toys.
Her home is also rather cluttered as any dolls house would be.. but for this special occasion, all Dottie's detrius was swept under the carpet and stuffed into cupboards and hidden from view from the unforgiving lens of the camera. This occasion was a lovely mention of Milly & Dottie's Emporium in May's issue of House Beautiful magazine.
If you look very hard, you might just spot Milly in the corner of the room trying to hide the packet of custard creams behind her back and wipe those tell tale crumbs from her mouth..