Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dottie's Dwelling

It has been rumoured that Dottie lives in a dolls house.. though not strictly true.. she does live in a house with a family of assorted dolls and moth eaten teddies and toys.
Her home is also rather cluttered as any dolls house would be.. but for this special occasion, all Dottie's detrius was swept under the carpet and stuffed into cupboards and hidden from view from the unforgiving lens of the camera. This occasion was a lovely mention of Milly & Dottie's Emporium in May's issue of House Beautiful magazine.
If you look very hard, you might just spot Milly in the corner of the room trying to hide the packet of custard creams behind her back and wipe those tell tale crumbs from her mouth..


  1. Well I think I deserved those custard creams after all the sweeping I had to do...!
    The home of the rare dotty Dottie looks looks very lovely indeedy
    Milly x

  2. I think i will have to seek out the magazine and read more!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. I didn't mention the Jammie Dodgers!

    Dottie x

  4. Congratulations on your feature...lovely photographs!
    Susan x

  5. Ooh, I'd love to live in a period property, and have a kitchen like yours. Congratulations to both Milly and Dottie on the mention. x


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