Monday, 25 March 2013

Spring Hop!

Well despite donning our thermals, woolly vests and socks, we have been finding it very difficult to keep warm and carry on round here. 

Having a Stockroom full of goodies waiting to be listed has helped though. 

 There's nothing like running up and down a rickety old ladder to reach the highest shelves to keep you warm.  

Perching precariously from the rungs whilst one of us holds on for dear lives is enough to make our temperatures rise.

The results have been pleasing though and well worth the tummy turning escapades. 

 We have new treasure in all Departments and the Emporium is showing signs of Spring and Easter at last (well if the weather's not going to oblige, it was the least we could do).

So. please grab a basket, 

Hop to it

Have fun

And enjoy the rummage.

With all Good Wishes For Easter
(and a bit of sunshine too)