Monday, 28 April 2014

Out Of Doors With Milly & Dottie

 We hope you have had an enjoyable Easter and have been able to enjoy some of the glorious Spring weather (alas today the rain has returned for the weekend...).

With Spring truly burgeoning all around we have taken inspiration from the great outdoors, the flora and fauna that surrounds us from hedgerows and treetops and have added some of our handmade box frames to the Dovecote shelves.  All manner of Garden Birds have been nesting on our shelves, laying eggs and charming us with their beauty.  We have also added a couple of bunnies - 'Campion" and 'Celandine" named after the vintage floral prints behind them in their frames - both capture just a little snippet of the sights of a country ramble.

We have also added some more vintage posters to the Dovecote, capturing the joys of the great outdoors - lazy Summer days in the garden and countryside - full of nostalgia.

In the Library are several new children's books - Enid Blyton, Elizabeth Gould, flower books and some wonderful vintage schoolbooks (more in the nursery too, where  there are more vintage bunnies to greet you). There are additions too in the Attic (pretty floral framed prints) and a great 1940s wartime sewing book in the Sewing Room and some lovely floral tins in the Box Room.We look forward to seeing you soon.