Friday, 8 February 2013

And there's more!

We just wanted to quickly let you know that the Library shelves are fair to bursting with newly added books and the 1940s edition of Nancy Mitford's "The Pursuit of Love" has to be a favourite,  Absolutely perfect for Valentine's day, in fact perfect for any day of the year in our eyes!

There's a wonderfully 1930s feel to the Pixies in this Pixy People book,  The beautifully illustrated book of Pixy People and Pixy Village is just charming.

We love all the titles in the King Penguin series but these two would certainly add a touch of Springtime cheer to the bookshelves,  The beautiful decorative board covers are in very good condition considering they were published in 1940s.

If you fancy a touch of 1930s satire and fun and a glimpse into the world of the "Bright Young Things" there is a bundle of three classic Evelyn Waugh classic Penguins too.  Just pick up a Penguin...

Finally here's a short film eschewing the virtues of a Children's Library - we love the ideas of checking for clean hands, the look of concentration on the children's faces whilst doing their homework and the fact that they are encouraged to leave their chosen books on the tables so that the librarian can make a note of their favourite reads.


(Please click on image for video)

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