Monday, 19 July 2010

Bake Me A Cake As Fast As You Can...

So today we are mostly baking. You will find us amongst the sugar and spice and everything nice. If we find the candles it might be just be a case of having our cake and eating it too!


  1. It's always been Stork in our household. My Mum used it, and so do I. I will use nothing else. I love baking, and hope we get to see some cakes baked. I feel I may have missed someone's birthday here. If so have a happy one, if not just have a happy day instead! x

  2. Now that looks a very interesting book. I love baking cakes, can we bakes some together......?
    Julie xxxxx

  3. I made a caraway seed cake yesterday with Stork using the receipe out of an old cookbook too - it tastes good!

  4. Well Louise you are certainly on the right track!
    Maybe we should hold a national 'Bake a Cake' day Julie and we can all join in...
    Now Caraway Seed Cake sounds truly scrumptious... we would love the recipe for that one !

    Milly & Dottie xx


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