Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Polka Dot Party

Now that the party hats have been hung up for another year and all the cake crumbs swept under the carpet.. it is back to work for Milly & Dottie. No more games of pass the parcel.. other than our usual date with brown paper and string in the stockroom.
We had a lovely birthday and are most grateful for all of your well wishes for our first anniversary..
One of our regular visitors and customers to the emporium celebrated our birthday in such style with her two beautiful furry friends.. and even iced a cake with our names..
Thank you dear Beverley for your kind and generous gesture.. I do so wish we could have invited you and all of our friends, whom we have met along the way in our first year of enterprise, to join us in a cup of best Rosy Lee and a slice of your very fine cake.


  1. I must say Dottie that cake looks scrumptious, much better than our one with the mashed potato icing. Thank you Beverley - hope you enjoyed the celebrations! Did either of those gorgeous kittens get to sample a crumb or two?
    Milly x

  2. The cake looks delicious
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Just as well I didn't tuck in to too much of that delicious cake of Beverley's. My party frock is much too tight.. and no more custard creams for me!

    Dottie x


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