Wednesday, 3 November 2010

All that Glitters..

You may be mistaken in thinking that we have been idle of late, all being quiet on the blog front, but this could not be further than the truth. M & D have been busy dusting down the shelves of their new department to welcome early bird shoppers for the Christmas season.
We are delighted to find ourselves between the pages of the BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine this month where they feature all manner of delicious twinkly glittery decorations including our own vintage Christmas collection of nostalgia.

So if you fancy a vintage flavoured Christmas, grab your hat and coat and come along with your baskets to browse our exciting Christmas Grotto...

You can choose from jaunty reindeer and jolly Christmas wrap ..

Flirty fairies and happy snowmen ...

Nostalgic Christmas cards and forests of miniature trees or bright beautiful baubles..

We have oodles of gift ideas in all departments..

Jolly good reads in the library, great graphics on vintage posters in the attic, wooden dolls for little girls or big ones in the nursery, Make do and Mend for Auntie Maud in the sewing room. Why not say it with vintage this Christmas!

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