Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Oh bring us a figgy pudding...

Well, once again we seem to have missed Stir Up Sunday. the Sunday before Advent which is traditionally the day set aside for making Christmas Puddings. It is a time when traditionally the whole family would come together to take a turn to stir the pudding mixture in the bowl, make a wish and a charm or coin to the mix. Finding the coins or charms on Christmas Day would bring weallth, health, happiness and a little caution to the pudding eating! Traditional tokens would include silver coins for wealth, a thimble for thrift, a tiny wishbone for good luck and an anchor to symbolise safe harbour.

We do love a tradition and one that brings the whole family together earns extra brownie points too. Neither of us have made the Christmas Pudding this year and might have to resort to adding the odd sprig of holly or two to the few remaining custard creams in the biscuit tin for our staff Christmas treat!
We have had fun, however, sifting through old recipes for Christmas puddings and cakes. There are plenty to be found over here if it's a true 1940s flavour you're after. Milly went to a workshop one year on Christmas in the 1940s and it was fascinating to hear of the spirit of Making Do and Mend coming to the fore at Christmas. A time of true resourcefulness..

.If you fancy making your own mincemeat this year, we have this Victorian recipe for you, just click on the image to read it clearly.

And here is one from the 1940s for Wartime Mince Pies, issued by the Ministry of Food, (again please click on image to enlarge). Let us know if you have a go!

Rachel, one of our visitors to the Emporium recently bought lots of our jelly moulds. She contacted us to let us know that she intended to make quince cheese in the moulds. Always eager to see some photos, we asked her if she would let us see the results and she has kindly let us share them here. Aren't they gorgeous. They look so pretty too! Please read her wonderful blog to find out more. It's wonderful stuff!

So if any of this takes your fancy amongst all the other Christmas doings that we find ourselves knee deep in at the moment, the best of luck. Stir well, don't forget the brandy, mind those silver coins and douse liberally with wishes.


  1. All those years of chewing silver sixpences have been responsible for my dodgy teeth today!
    As for the holly...!

    Dotty Dottie xx

  2. This is a lovely blog, I am glad I found it


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