Thursday, 6 May 2010


Hello from us both. Milly Roses and Dottie Custard welcome you to our new blog. We hope you will join with us on our musings, flights of fancy, whimsical tales and, of course, our chats on all things vintage and nostalgic.

As some of you may know, our friendship has developed over the years as has our enthusiasm and love the flotsam and jetsam of forgotten years, and we now find ourselves proud owners of our own vintage Emporium.

Our daily chats not only revolve around our ever changing shelf display, but often lead us on all sorts of adventures, imaginary and otherwise. Those that are just too silly, like the ones involving hot air balloon flights along the coast, our imaginary cottage that we share in our dotage, and our frequent cravings for tea and cream cakes, we shall leave behind in the stockroom - but there are oodles we'd love to share.

So if you fancy grabbing a custard cream (they are, of course, essential) and a comfortable chair, please join us on our trips down memory lane…


  1. Hi hun! welcome aboard the good ship 'Blogging''s a good voyage so far!

    Karen x x x

  2. Hej

    This looks like it's going to be fun...
    Looking forward to following your adventures...
    Good Luck
    Julie x

  3. Oh, this looks like a rather lovely place to visit. Congratulations on your first post. I shall be back.

  4. Looking forward to hearing more from you both xx

  5. Who hoo! This is going to be fun. x

  6. I am sitting back, large plate of custard creams (my fave) on my lap, waiting for you to begin. Come on, Once upon a time.............
    Good luck lots of love Jane xxx

  7. Hi Looks good and I love your header picture !

  8. Looking forward to the adventures!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  9. Welcome you little minx's! Keep me posted xx

  10. Hello from New York, and best wishes as you all take this newest voyage.


  11. Hello there lovely ladies!
    This all looks totally marvelous - though I'd expect nothing less of Milly & Dottie !
    Wishing you much joyful adventure and plentiful discovery in this new blog and I can't wait to come along for the ride,
    Happy days!
    Denise x

  12. Now, at last, I can keep my eye on you both!

    Mr Roses xx


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