Thursday, 20 May 2010

Tales from the Riverbank ..

There's nothing that Milly & Dottie like better than going on a picnic. With the mercury rising, the birds a chit chatting and the skies getting bluer and according to the good old BBC weather man.. our summer sun is to start this weekend.. it is time to dig out your thermos, wicker picnic basket and tartan rug.. Find a lovely flower filled meadow on the riverbank, lay down your rug and picnic feast... and just relax.

Don't forget to take lashings of ginger beer to wash down the eggy rolls and iced buns !


  1. Oh Dottie, there's a thick sea mist here, I might have to pack a compass and fog horn along with my sandwiches. Should i wear something bright too? I might just have to tie some string to my hamper and place one end firmly under the kettle in the stockroom.

  2. You have set the perfect scene and I can picture it already! I just hope the tractors won't be spreading muck on the fields around us at the weekend...
    I can't wait for this lovely weather to arrive!

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Milly... the balloon is waiting!
    Don't delay.. and bring your smelling salts.. it is rather humid and you know what you're like with your dizzy spells..

    Dottie x

  4. Picnic in the summer sun a wonderful thought! Perhaps I will set the picnic at the bottom of the garden, then not far to carry the basket......

  5. When I was young it seemed on every school outing we all had warm egg sandwiches, a sulpherous stinking cloud hanging over a group of neatly dressed school children. And if we were lucky enough to have sticky iced buns you can bet your life the icing was left stuck to the paper bag! But the ginger beer was goooooood! Have a great picnic weekend. Jane xx

  6. I love Ginger Beer! Have you tried the Ginger Cordial by Belvoir Fruit Farms? It has all the appeal, without the fizz! We don't really picnic, but often take a flask with us on our bike rides! x


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