Monday, 17 May 2010

Mad Hatters ...

My word, it's a beautiful, blue skies and sunshine filled Monday. On our way to the stockroom we stopped and gathered posies of violets and marvelled at how they offset the blue of our hat and earrings... Once we had removed our gloves and boiled the kettle we sat down to the arduous tasks ahead - with the onset of Spring, just what kind of a hat is a gal to wear?
The magazines are full of tips and advice and thankfully agreed with us that "is there a woman anywhere who doesn't respond to the exciting thought of a lovely new hat?"

But choose wisely - if the boater takes your fancy, please place firmly on the head with true Edwardian dignity, remembering that to wear it at the back of the head is so 1948. Furthermore, a short hair-do, a serene expression and a graceful walk are essential, well that counts us out...
We are pleased to read that in America the milliners favour "fruit salad" trimmings, with cherries, grapes and strawberries being de riguer - just a bit too tempting at lunchtime we think.

In Paris the hats are decked with ribbons in stripes and plaids in vivid shades (no good for the cowering wallflower...) and in London designers are opting for make-believe flowers, feathers and bead-embroidered motifs.
Now which to choose? Saucy sailor hat with a twig of glossy fruit? Mimosa sprays or plumes of curled feathers? Close fitting toques with pink roses and light green leaves with a haze of veiling? A neat little cloche with a very young air? Or a sophisticated restaurant hat with a beguiling veil?
Too many decisions... please ring the shop bell loudly if you visit, we fear we'll be busy in the stockroom with yards of ribbon and netting, bunches of dandelions and a tin of cocktail fruit...


  1. Why don't ladies where hats now? At one time no lady left the house without a hat!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Knock me up a Carman Miranda while youv'e still got some fruit! Jane xx


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